Sept. 23 2019
There are three national 4-H dairy contests held each year. The Junior Dairy Management contest held its 33th annual contest last week in Harrisburg, Penn
Sept. 20 2019
It’s been said many times before, but we’ll say it again. No matter the operation, a healthy start at birth for a calf will continuously prepare it to be an efficient, profitable cow
Sept. 18 2019
Over the last decade, the dairy industry has faced more controversy than ever before. If variable prices and Mother Nature weren’t enough, we now face opposition from a group of people who are determined...
Sept. 17 2019
The All-American Dairy Show Judging Contest celebrated its 51st year with its largest contest — in every division — this year
Sept. 17 2019
In this dairy farming life, it’s easy for the days to blur together and the weeks quickly disappear
Sept. 16 2019
Just as each fatty acid has its own characteristics, so do fatty acid supplements. This topic was covered in the Hoard’s Dairyman monthly webinar “Incorporating supplemental fatty acids in...
Sept. 13 2019
The tide has changed, and cheese is riding high on the waves. Once considered unhealthy for containing too much saturated fat, cheese has found redemption in new studies
Sept. 12 2019
My daughter, Cassie, age 13, standing in front of one of the 9/11 memorial fountains during our trip to New York City in June. Earlier this summer, my daughter, Cassie, and I were in New York
Sept. 11 2019
How many people have you heard utter that sentence? I feel like once a day someone in my vicinity says it out loud. Imagine it, your perfect vacation. Maybe it’s a sandy beach at some fancy re
Sept. 10 2019
Our son started Kindergarten a few weeks ago, and this transition has been an exciting time in our home. There are some aspects that have made our daily routines simplified (hello uniforms!) and
Sept. 9 2019
At the Charleville Show in Killarney, which is in the Republic of Ireland, teams judged as a team – not as individuals. Each team was given four placings cards (one for each class)...
Sept. 6 2019
“As someone who spent quite a bit of time in the hospital receiving lifesaving treatments multiple times before the age of four, I’ve always had a sincere sense of gratitude towards others...
Sept. 5 2019
We are less than one month from opening the robots to the "feed only" phase to prepare for milking. We have had several meetings getting our minds right and schedules put together for the startup of our...
Sept. 4 2019
It’s an interesting phenomenon, really, to raise kids alongside animals
Sept. 3 2019
It’s been several years since we’ve been able to take a string of show cows to the fair
Aug. 30 2019
Ventilation is a key component of barn design. Natural ventilation and tunnel ventilation are two common options for dairy barns
Aug. 29 2019
Around our kitchen table, there has been a lot of talk about babies lately. At our farm here in East Moline, Ill., we have a baby boom going on
Aug. 27 2019
This year’s forage production, particularly the alfalfa crop, has been scarred by 2019’s volatile weather
Aug. 26 2019
Who are you more apt to listen to? Your peer — A person who is going through the same experience as you, who is the same age as you, and who worries about that same things as you. Someone you don’t...
Aug. 23 2019
Nestled in Gallia County, Ohio, is a 25- to 30-cow dairy and home to Nick and Celeste Nolan