Nov. 7 2022
From people to cows, no one likes to be overcrowded, so the goal is to put up facilities that will meet today and tomorrow’s needs
Aug. 19 2022
The barn office is the heartbeat of our family farm professionally and personally
April 29 2022
Animals can get themselves into tricky situations that require fast thinking and careful maneuvering to remedy
Oct. 21 2021
There are many options when it comes to dairy barn ventilation, and according to Nigel Cook, M.R.C.V.S., they can all operate very effectively
Oct. 4 2021
Whether building new or remodeling an existing facility, the ultimate goal of cow comfort should be driving the decision-making process
Aug. 23 2021
Barns are built for cows, but unfortunately, sometimes birds move in, too. These feathered visitors can be a nuisance and so much more
April 12 2021
The concept of a brisket locator emerged as freestall housing grew in popularity for dairy cows. The traditional “brisket board” was, quite literally, a wooden board placed near the front...
Feb. 22 2021
Natural ventilation is used successfully in many dairy barns, and it has been for years. As our dairy farms grow and as milk production climbs, some may wonder whether natural ventilation will be able...
Sept. 21 2020
When Paul Fouts built a second freestall barn on his Cortland, N.Y., dairy, he chose to build another three-row barn
Aug. 5 2019
A well-designed barn for dry and transition cows can get expensive very quickly
Jan. 11 2019
Dairy farming in the northern United States during the winter months is cold, long, and tough. My family jokes around when we say a lot of what you do during the months of December, January, and February...