March 18 2024
I was thinking back and wondering if I had ever written about managing urine pH in close-up dry cows
Oct. 11 2023
Transitioning family farms is a process that takes time and sometimes can come to a standstill
Sept. 19 2023
There are types of planning that I just love. Task me with making a meal plan for the week, and I am happy as a clam for thirty minutes or so as I research new recipes and page through old favorites to...
July 13 2023
The handshake agreements and unspoken decisions that ruled farmland and farm business transfer for decades no longer support today’s dairies that may involve multiple generations, farming and non-farming...
April 27 2023
The footbaths in their transition cow barn are a critical component of hoof health at Deluur Dairy near Deckerville, Mich
March 6 2023
Farm transition planning creates a path forward to move a dairy from one generation to the next
March 2 2023
A farm transition is a serious investment into the future of the business. It must also be an investment into the future of both the outgoing and incoming generations
Aug. 18 2022
A short trip into familiar territory requires little planning, and rarely are directions needed. A longer journey to a new area, on the other hand, is best tackled with a game plan and a road map
March 28 2022
Discussions about a farm’s transition should be intentional with all vested parties at the table
Feb. 3 2022
When transitioning from the dry period into lactation, a cow goes through a lot of changes. One way we can help cows get through this time period is to provide the best housing possible
May 10 2021
Heat stress reduces intake and milk yield in lactating cows, and it is now clear that heat stress in the dry period dramatically affects the performance of cows in the subsequent lactation, too
March 11 2021
Many farm families need their farm assets to fill three buckets: business assets, retirement assets, and inheritance assets
March 9 2021
The benefits of feeding sugar, often by means of molasses, to dairy cows have been well-researched. From a physiological standpoint, sugar supplementation improves microbial efficiency and supports fiber-digesting...
March 4 2021
Oklahoma State University created a model that compares business and estate transition strategies and the probability of success
Aug. 3 2020
Chromium is a relatively “new” mineral for dairy cows
Jan. 25 2020
We have come a long way in our understanding of fat mobilization in the past decades
Dec. 16 2019
During the December Hoard’s Dairyman webinar, Bill Weiss from The Ohio State University about ration management during the transition period in “Feeding cows to reach their peak.”