Oct. 7 2021
For only the second time since 1994, domestic cheese sales in the United States fell when compared to the previous year. In both instances, it took an economic shockwave to stop the sales ascent
June 17 2021
Unprecedented large negative producer price differentials (PPDs) have bedeviled dairy producer’s milk checks over the past year
March 11 2021
In the conversation about the block and barrel cheese prices that play a role into the Class III price farmers receive for their milk, some might ask if the way cheese value is discovered — through...
March 11 2021
For those who closely follow dairy product pricing, monitoring CME movement, and particularly the block and barrel cheese prices, is a critical component of their sales planning
March 8 2021
“If you look at the federal order pools back in the 1950s, it was about two-thirds to fluid milk and the other one-third being manufacturing,” University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Mark Stephenson...