Nov. 8 2018
THE MILK MARGIN ABOVE FEED COSTS improved to a 2018 best of $8.26 per cwt. this September as determined by the MPP-Dairy formula. Even so, it remained lower than any month in the previou
Aug. 10 2018
As printed in our August 10, 2018 issue . . . ALMONDS DO NOT LACTATE, said FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, indicating that the agency would crack down on the use of the term “milk”...
July 15 2018
DAIRY FUTURE PRICES RECEDED amid concerns over a looming trade war that dragged down the market. On May 1, July to December Class III future contracts averaged $16.40
June 25 2018
Trade has been dominating the headlines
June 15 2018
STRONGER PRICE PROJECTIONS for the second half of the year lifted All-Milk price prospects. Now pegged at a $16.45 midpoint, USDA raised its 2018 price forecast by 60 cents over the last month
May 25 2018
ON JUNE 1, THE SIGN-UP PERIOD WILL CLOSE for the new Margin Protection Program for Dairy (MPP-Dairy). Due to February legislation, this year’s coverage will be retroactive to January 1, 2018
May 10 2018
CLASS III FUTURES CLIMBED 75 CENTS per hundredweight during early March to late April trading on the CME. May to December contracts averaged $16.05, with a September and October high of $16.50
April 25 2018
Washington Dairygrams is a condensed listing of dairy prices, feed costs, and industry events
April 10 2018
MANURE-RELATED AIR EMISSIONS do not have to be reported under CERCLA or the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act
March 25 2018
Washington Dairygrams is a condensed listing of dairy prices, feed costs, and industry events
March 10 2018
NEAR-TERM FUTURES CLIMBED 15 cents through February trading to reach a $14.55 average for March to August Class III contracts, with a low of $13.84 for April to a $15.61 high for August
Feb. 26 2018
Overall, 1,600 dairy farms across the United States called it quits last year. That reduced the number of commercial dairy farms in the U.S. to 40,219
Feb. 25 2018
A $16.05 ALL-MILK PRICE FOR 2018, with a $15.70 to $16.40 range, has been pegged by USDA economists in World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates
Feb. 8 2018
EVEN THOUGH NEW ZEALAND MILK FLOW FELL 2 percent due to an extended drought, Europe’s high stocks of skim milk powder have been weighing down worldwide milk protein prices
Jan. 29 2018
This is my first forecast in 40-plus years of writing about the dairy industry
Jan. 22 2018
CLASS III FUTURES FELL NEARLY $3 per cwt. over the past six months. In August 2017, February to July 2018 contracts averaged $16.70 on the CME. In early January, that same portfolio traded at $13.90
Jan. 10 2018
As printed in our January 10, 2018 issue . . .THE 2018 ALL-MILK PRICE COULD AVERAGE $16.50 per cwt., down $1.15 from 2017 and only 20 cents better than 2016, predicted NMPF’s Peter Vitaliano in his
Dec. 12 2017
CLASS III FUTURES FELL 65 CENTS from November to early December trading on the CME to settle at a $14.75 average. January to June 2018 Class III contracts ranged from $14.40 to $15.30
Nov. 15 2017
As printed in our November 2017 issue . . . FOR 45 STRAIGHT MONTHS, U.S. MILK FLOW has expanded. Overall, 17 of the 23 major dairy states produced more milk in September with Texas up 10 percent