Aug. 31 2020
Nongrowing season is a critical period for managing phosphorus losses in runoff
March 23 2020
Jeff Endres of Endres Berryridge Farms started composting manure six years ago. Their composting system has gone from basic beginnings to the more advanced system it is today
May 10 2019
Continued low milk prices make cost control essential on dairy farms. Milk prices may improve in the second half of the year, but it’s going to be somewhat longer before they reach profitable levels
Jan. 28 2019
With each passing year, expectations continue to be placed on dairy producers across the country with a focal point being on-farm environmental practices
Nov. 19 2018
In most of the country, the fall season has been plagued with wet weather that pushed back harvest and fall planting
Sept. 17 2018
The arrival of fall brings many tasks to the farm. For dairies using a compost bedded pack barn, this time of the year also can be a good time to clean out the pack
Sept. 10 2018
Today’s dairy cows make a lot of milk. They also make a lot of manure. This means that manure storage and handling is a critical aspect for every dairy farm
Dec. 26 2017
Manure has tremendous value when used as a fertilizer source. Make the most of that value by knowing exactly what you are spreading
Sept. 4 2017
Glen Arnold“We have to give a lot of thought to how manure is applied,” said Glen Arnold, with Ohio State University Extension. “Our product is very visible.”
Aug. 28 2017
Think that all manure is basically the same? Think again. “There’s a lot of variation in manure,” said University of Wisconsin-Platteville’s Chris Baxter during his presentation...
June 26 2017
In March 2017, a lawsuit filed against the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation claimed that a herd of 200 cows produced the same amount of waste as a city of 96,000 people
Feb. 16 2017
I walked into the building and the smell hit me hard. So hard in fact, that my eyes began to water
June 6 2016
Manure restores soil with nutrients needed by crops. One method of application is manure irrigation, in which manure is applied to fields using equipment that can move liquids. Although this practice is...
May 16 2016
Yakima. The Chesapeake Bay. Lake Champlain. The Texas Panhandle and eastern New Mexico. Kewaunee County. Whether perceived or real, the aforementioned regions have been epicenters for concerns regarding...
Jan. 4 2016
Carolyn Gibbs, DMI; Greg Wickham, Chairman of Newtrient; Steve Rowe, CEO of Newtrient; and Paul Rovey, Chairman DMI. "Are we going to be victims, or will we set the stage on nutrient management?" That...
July 28 2015
There are some benefits to be gained when manure is injected directly into the soil rather than applied on top. By Abby Bauer, Hoard's Dairyman Associate Editor Manure smells like money to farmers because...
July 15 2015
From the heart of farm-centric Iowa, the Des Moines Water Works (a city department) has filed a lawsuit against three counties contending that drainage ditches that handle water collected by "engineered...
July 7 2015
Calculating manure's price tag Manure is no doubt a useful by-product, but one must realize the time and money it takes to get it from the cow to the field. Funding for the project was provided by a USDA-RME...
March 2 2015
Dairies' first step in settling Washington manure case could ultimately have a huge effect on farmers nationwide. A few answers - and one huge question - have already emerged in the wake of the landmark...