In the times of royals, the sound of a blaring trumpet often announced the arrival of royalty. Today at the opening day of World Dairy Expo, shiny trumpets and brass sounded celebrations of years of dedication to the dairy industry. Hoard's Dairyman is annually proud to host the commercial exhibitor party to ring in another year of World Dairy Expo. This year, we celebrated our 125th anniversary of publishing. The party came complete with a larger-than-life birthday cake adorned with 125 glowing candles as well as a surprise visit from the University of Wisconsin-Madison marching band. Blasting the sounds of football game favorites and even a polka, the band finished with the traditional Happy Birthday song.
Members of Hoard's Dairyman's staff took a deep breathe and blew out 125 candles.

Party-goers could view a visual timeline of Hoard's Dairyman history over the past 125 years.

The room was packed with nearly 700 of World Dairy Expo's commercial exhibitors. While waiting for beverages and food, party-goers were able to view a recently completed visual timeline of the 125 years in Hoard's Dairyman history. Begining Thursday, this visual timeline will be on display at the National Dairy Shrine and Hoard Historial Museum in Fort Atkinson, Wis. World Dairy Expo sales manager, John Rozum, greeted those in attendance and presented awards for the best booths. Those winners can be found in an additional blog. Gary Vorpahl, Hoard's Dairyman's director of marketing, had the honor of presenting a special gift to our friends at World Dairy Expo. As a thank-you for their dedication to the industry they were given the final giclee print of our newly updated Foster Mothers of the Human Race painting.