One way that we at Hoard's Dairyman stay up to date on the newest research and tools is to subscribe to extension, research, and producer group newsletters. We gladly pass these newsletters around our editorial office to learn about the latest in dairy research. Just recently, we received the current newsletter from the Northeast Dairy Producers Association. They directed our attention to a project that Cornell is working on to educate producers on the value of manure. The project directed us to a website which includes an in-depth curriculum on nutrient management. As producers are increasingly regulated as to what they can and cannot do with manure, we encourage you to take this opportunity for some online instruction in manure management.

As part of Cornell's Nutrient Management Spear program, the site includes learning modules that are being developed. Three learning modules are available, with an additional content still being added. Three areas with content available now include whole-farm nutrient balancing, the value of manure, and lime management. We particularly like the manure value calculator included under "Value of Manure."

This downloadable spreadsheet offers you a way to calculate how much your manure is worth in addition to the costs associated with handling it. To use the calculator, be sure to start on the "manure value" tab in the spreadsheet. Also, be sure to reference the user's manual found on the original website. You'll also need to use the data collection worksheet prior to completing the calculator - this, too, can be found on the landing website.

More areas of the site include PC-friendly software available for download by the most intrigued. We admit that the information presented is pretty technical but for the manure buffs out there, you may find a wealth of nutrients and information!

Here's the link again.