July 20 2017
There are well-known parent-child professional pairs . . . Ken Griffey, Sr., and his son were both major league baseball players
July 19 2017
Music is a big part of my life. It can make or break a day for me. I listen to music every single day, and not just as background noise
July 5 2017
The age-old joke surrounding holidays is that they’re filled with stress from old family squabbles and new family drama. Is that true? Are most people’s holidays filled with dread and anxiety?
June 13 2017
Tomorrow, Little Farmer, our oldest son, “graduates” from kindergarten. We can officially say that we survived the first school year
May 30 2017
As Memorial Day passed yesterday, it left me feeling rather reflective and in awe of the many blessings this dairy life provides
May 2 2017
This past weekend I turned 30. That always seemed like such an adult number growing up, and now that it’s here, I’m wondering how it happened
April 28 2017
The snow has melted, the rains have subsided in some areas, and the temperatures are more tolerable. And that means it’s spring-cleaning time
April 26 2017
Sometimes the reactions I get when I tell people how often I go home on the weekends while attending college full time are surprising
April 24 2017
As editors, we cover a wide breadth of unique events. Not only covering, but being part of the “Rural Life Days” with the Most Reverend David Ricken, bishop of the Green Bay Catholic Diocese
April 21 2017
Easter and Christmas are the two days when most churches are standing-room only. A person must arrive at church 30 minutes ahead of the start of mass to try to get a seat
April 20 2017
My brother and I are the third generation to farm the land on our home farm in Dearing, Ga. We are in the “teaching phase” of our business with my daughter and nephew both deciding they wanted...
April 13 2017
If you are anything like me, you have a wide array of thin, holy, worn out t-shirts specifically for farm use, and they are cluttering your closet
March 23 2017
It took my pal just one minute to call this past weekend to see if I could leave the farm to go horseback riding with him and his daughter
March 21 2017
As dairy farmers with herds entrusted to our care, I think we all felt the same sense of dread at the news of the wildfires
March 16 2017
While working on homework late one night, my roommate crept into my room to inform me about the wildfires, which were sweeping the Plains only a few hours from our home
March 14 2017
When I was a kid, I loved report cards. For me, it was important to measure how I was doing in my classes.Now that I’m a dairy farmer, metrics are just as important
March 10 2017
Among farm families, it is more and more common to hear of households that also pursue off farm ventures. A report from USDA’s Economic Research Service shows that there is good reason for that
March 7 2017
I am proud to be a third-generation dairy farmer and the fourth generation on my family’s farm. There’s a definite sense of success that comes with knowing I carry on a tradition
Feb. 24 2017
“Who gets the farm?” asked the daughter. “We are too young to die. You kids will be taken care of and Jimmy gets the farm,” retorted the dad as he quickly changed the subject
Jan. 26 2017
I was eating breakfast when the newscast I was watching announced our former Georgia governor would be named U.S. Secretary of Agriculture later that day