March 27 2017
We all know good forages set a farm up for a good year of milk production. The trick is there is a lot that goes into making that high-end, lactation-quality forage
Sept. 19 2016
by Mike Hutjens. Forage is the backbone of the dairy ration: sections include feeding strategies to maximize value while saving costs; Forage test values are crucial make them meaningful; Managing risks...
Sept. 19 2016
by Mike Hutjens. Focus is all types of feeding systems, their practicality for different herd sizes and economics, from grain feeding to TMRs; also feed storage, feed bunk management
April 19 2010
Fiber level (NDF) still rules. Compare digestibility values to the average for the lab. He acknowledges the useful input of Dave Mertens at USDA's Dairy Forage Research Center. Fiber and starch digestibility...