Here are a few 2013 Handy Hints from fellow readers.

Handy Hint January 10 Leg bands track weaning progress
Handy Hint January 25 Durable milk room port
Handy Hint February 10 Simple pipe protects water source
Handy Hint February 25 Safer calf hauler
Handy Hint March 10 Grader makes great feed scraper
Handy Hint March 25 Plastic barrel holds entire milking set
Handy Hint April 10 Glove box rack made from old calf pen panels
Handy Hint April 25 Simple welds secure sliding barn door
Handy Hint May 10 Improved system to feed calves
Handy Hint May 25 Low-Cost Bottle Holder
Handy Hint June Holds three-point hitch steady
Handy Hint July Easy bottle fix
Handy Hint August 10 Dry overalls quietly
Handy Hint August 25 Fender keeps skid steer cleaner
Handy Hint September 10 Homemade tractor weight
Handy Hint September 25 Shoe rack serves as feed retaining wall
Handy Hint October 10 Simple platform works well
Handy Hint October 25 Retired street sweeper makes great brush
Handy Hint November Space-saving palpation rail
Handy Hint December Portable plate cooler a hit

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