2013 Hoard's Dairyman Red & White Judging Class

I placed this great class of Red and Whites D C B A.

I placed this class of Red and White Holstein cows D C B A. In a close top pair, D starts the class and places over C for her advantage in mammary system. D is higher and wider in her rear udder, as well as being smoother in her fore udder attachment and more nearly level on her udder floor. D has the advantage in frame, being longer from end to end with more width through her hooks and pins. D is more powerful in her front end and deeper in her heart. I grant that C is cleaner about her head and neck.

The more youthful C places over B, as she carries her udder higher above her hocks with stronger rear and fore udder attachments. C is more evenly balanced in her rear quarters, criticizing B for being light in her left rear quarter. C has a definite advantage in feet and legs, standing more squarely on her rear feet and legs, with a more desirable set to the hock. I give the advantage to B for her depth of fore and rear rib and length of body.

It is this advantage in strength and power that places B over A. B displays more depth in her heart and barrel, openness to her rib, and width back through her pins. B is a sharper individual being longer and leaner about her head and neck, sharper over her withers, and carries that cleanliness back to her hooks and pins and down through her thighs. B is wider at the top of the rear udder with teats hanging more perpendicular to the ground. I concede that A stands on a more correct set of hind feet and legs. Although I admire this about A, I placed her last as she lacks the depth and openness of rib, as well as the cleanliness and angularity to merit a higher placing.

Kelly Myers ZeppKELLY ZEPP
New Windsor, Md.
Kelly zepp of New Windsor, Md., placed the RED AND WHITES. Kelly and her husband, Gabe, have two children. Kelly works alongside her parents, Jason and Donna Myers, at Windsor Manor, milking their registered Holsteins. She also works part-time at the county soil conservation office designing best management practices. A 2000 graduate of Virginia Tech, she was a member of the 1998 collegiate dairy judging team. Kelly is currently the coach of the county judging team and has served as coach of the Maryland State 4-H Dairy Judging Team and has judged local and state shows. She also serves on several boards and committees on the county and state Holstein associations.

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