Nov. 7 2023
The dairy judging contest held at the North American International Livestock Exposition is the final contest of the year
Nov. 3 2023
Florida FFA wins National FFA Dairy Cattle Evaluation and Management Contest
Oct. 4 2023
National 4-H Dairy Judging Champion Team winners from World Dairy Expo's contest
Oct. 3 2023
National 4-H Dairy Cattle Judging Contest High Individuals
Oct. 1 2023
National Collegiate Dairy Judging Contest Winning Teams from World Dairy Expo
June 26 2023
When I was old enough to participate in junior activities through breed associations, I was terrified to do them
June 19 2023
I have had the unique privilege of being able to raise and show both beef and dairy cattle
May 29 2023
There is no doubt that dairy judging can be stressful
May 16 2023
For the 93rd year, our office flooded with mail from around the country as dairy farmers, youth, companies, and enthusiasts sent in their placings in our annual Cow Judging Contest
April 27 2023
A major demographic shift has taken place on the nation’s university and technical college campuses
April 4 2023
I mentioned to my mom the other day that my one-year-old daughter is starting to have opinions on things like what she wants to eat and what she wants to wear
Jan. 24 2023
The 93rd Hoard’s Dairyman Cow Judging Contest is ready for your entries
Jan. 20 2023
The medallions placed around their necks were not first-place blue, or even runner-up red. You’d never know it, though, because third-place white had never looked as good to the members of the Purdue...
Nov. 9 2022
New York, Michigan, Minnesota, and Illinois youth earn the top awards in their events
Nov. 4 2022
Winners were named in the 2022 National FFA Dairy Evaluation and Management CDE
Oct. 10 2022
Post-Secondary Dairy Judging Contest High Individuals from past World Dairy Expo contests
Oct. 10 2022
High Post-Secondary Dairy Cattle Judging Contest High Teams at World Dairy Expo