July 6 2018
Growing up I always enjoyed the time spent off the farm when my siblings and I would go to local and national dairy shows
May 11 2018
Volunteering at a judging contest that I participated in during high school has been a rewarding experience
March 16 2018
A few weekends ago, I exhibited at the last local show of my junior show career
March 5 2018
Each spring baseball players and prospects display their skills in the hopes of making a major league roster
Feb. 23 2018
The annual cow judging contest has commenced. Have your entries in by Thursday, March 22, 2018
Feb. 8 2018
Jordan Siemers was high individual and high reasons individual at the 2014 National 4-H Dairy Cattle Judging Contest
Feb. 8 2018
A tutorial on judging dairy heifers. This is the first of two on heifers, and focuses on evaluating correctness of the frame, feet and legs
Feb. 8 2018
Ben Powers was high individual at the 2015 National 4-H Dairy Judging Contest. He was also High Individual in reasons and earned a perfect 50 when he delivered this set of reasons in the actual contest
Dec. 21 2017
All the animals are clipped, the tack is loaded, and the show whites are packed. All of this only means one thing, it’s fair time!
Oct. 23 2017
There will be seven different covers for the October 25, 2017, issue of Hoard’s Dairyman
Oct. 12 2017
Standing on the blue shavings at World Dairy Expo last week competing in my last dairy judging competition is a memory I will never forget
Oct. 3 2017
National Collegiate Dairy Cattle Judging Contest High Individuals from World Dairy Expo
Sept. 28 2017
From Hoards Dairyman, the coach of the Virginia Tech dairy judging team and Avery Kotlarczyk, a student at Kaskaskia college, a class of Guernsey cows for you to practice on
Sept. 28 2017
Placings and notes for practice class Ayrshire 2 (A2)
Sept. 28 2017
A class of Holstein cows for you to practice your dairy judging skills. Nicki Hardy, a Virginia Tech Dairy Judging team member delivers her reasons
Sept. 28 2017
Three classes to challenge your judging skills
Sept. 22 2017
Wisconsin 4-H, Michigan State Ag Tech, Ohio State University, and Pennsylvania FFA each won their respective divisions at the All-American Dairy Judging Contest in Harrisburg, Penn
Sept. 21 2017
Larry Schirm brings a lifetime of expertise to the ring as he helps keep the World Dairy Expo placings and cuts consistent from Class 1 to Class 12