C wins the class handily with her tremendous mammary system and dairy strength. She places over B for her advantage in dairyness, being longer through her head and neck and cleaner over her withers, hooks, and pins with a cleaner, flatter bone. C is also wider through her rump structure and has more apparent quality to her udder. I admit that B is deeper in her rib.

B places over D for her advantage in udder. B has a longer, smoother blending fore udder, a higher rear udder attachment with more width at the top of the rear udder, and carries her udder higher above the hock. Furthermore, she appears to stand more comfortably on her rear legs. I do grant D an advantage in dairy character.

D places over A with her advantage in frame. D is wider in the chest floor and through her hooks, pins, and thurls, deeper in her flank, has more spring of rib, and is fuller in the crops. In addition, D has a more desirable front teat placement, a more desirable shape and turn to the rear udder, and more apparent udder quality. While I admire the cleanliness of D, she lacks the overall strength, length of frame, and quality to her udder to merit a higher placing.

About the judge . . . Josh Sanders

Josh Sanders
Littlestown, PA
Sanders placed the JERSEYS. An All-American collegiate dairy judge while at Delaware Valley University, he worked as a herdsman at Derrwyn Holsteins upon graduation before beginning a career in the A.I. industry. Sanders is currently an area representative for STgenetics. He has prepared and shown cattle at the local and national level for many herds and continues to breed Holsteins and Jerseys under the San-Haven prefix. Sanders has judged several shows throughout the Northeast, including the Premier National Junior Guernsey, Red and White, and Milking Shorthorn shows.