B places over D in this class of Brown Swiss cows because she is longer from end to end and harder down her topline. B also has a stronger fore udder attachment and a deeper crease. In addition, I prefer B’s dairyness up through her head and neck. I do admit D has a higher, wider rear udder attachment.

In my middle pair, D goes over C because she is higher and wider in the rear udder attachment and shows more crease from top to bottom. D is also more angular, being especially sharper over the hooks and pins and flatter in her thigh. C has a snugger fore udder attachment.

Finally, C places over A with her dairy strength and udder quality. C is wider through her front end and tracks much straighter on her front feet while also being neater about the tail head. In addition, C has a more quality udder, being snugger in the fore udder attachment and carrying her udder higher above her hocks. I do admit A is longer and cleaner in her head and neck, but she lacks the quality of udder and strength throughout to place higher.

About the judge . . . Tammy Voegeli

Arlington, WI
Voegeli placed the BROWN SWISS. She farms at VoGrin Swiss Farm, where they milk 60 cows and prepare 10 to 15 animals each year for shows and sales through VoGrin Boarding. The farm has been home to a number of All-Americans and All-American nominees in five breeds over the last 10 years. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Voegeli was a member of the 1997 national champion dairy judging team. She has since judged numerous local, state, and national shows, including the Brown Swiss show at the North American International Livestock Exposition last fall.