organized barn clothes

For most farm moms, the worst part of taking little ones out to the barn is getting them ready. It can take half as long as chores do. My "barn station" helps speed things up.

Hang damage-free plastic hooks at convenient heights for coats and pants (and don't forget higher ones for Mom's clothes). Use a recycled dry cow treatment tub for hats, hanging above a simple shelf holding shirts and extra clothes. Add a few baskets for long johns, scarves and lots of socks. Put this all near the door you use to come in from the barn.

To help mark the spot for your very youngest children, hang up pages from your Hoard's Dairyman with double-sided tape. They will quickly learn where to go to get ready for the barn. And later, when they're older, it can all be easily and cleanly removed with no holes in the walls.
Laura Leiby, Wisconsin
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