KuntzChris Kuntz of Findlay, Ohio has joined Agri-Nutrition Consulting (ANC) as a Nutrition Consultant in February 2016.

Chris grew up on a hobby farm with cattle, chickens, horses, and alpacas where they also custom bailed hay. He also has experience in grain farming, livestock, and raising hogs. Chris and his family have an Angus herd of about 65 head of cattle, and their operation continues to grow.

Chris's goal in his position at ANC is to provide customers with the best service possible to improve their operations and nutrition, to allow them to provide a better end product to the market, whether this is through milk, beef, or pork.

"Chris brings a strong desire to learn and to be a difference-maker with our progressive company in the central Ohio area. We will be utilizing our team of dairy and beef nutritionists at ANC to help farmers to 'go beyond'. Chris will be actively networking with an area mill, industry partners and prospects to grow our core business. We are pleased to have Chris on our team at ANC and looking forward to great things ahead," says Jay Hoffman, Assistance General Manager for Agri Nutrition Consulting.

ANC is a full-service dairy and livestock nutrition consulting company that strives to go beyond nutrition through innovative solutions. ANC's consultants are supported with a network of nutritionists, ration analysts, and technical service specialists to provide a more complete program for farmers.

To contact Chris and learn more about his services with ANC, contact chriskuntz@agrinutrition.com. To learn more about ANC, visit http://www.agrinutrition.com.

About Agri-Nutrition Consulting LLC:
Agri-Nutrition Consulting LLC is an animal nutrition consulting company that has grown to encompass relationships with producers throughout the United States. ANC strives to provide the best quality service to its customers through precise, customized rations. ANC's goal is to help producers achieve maximum profit from their homegrown feeds by going beyond nutrition through innovative solutions.
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