AWSS 75th Anniversary Burlington WA-All/West Select Sires is pleased to announce that Karen Knutsen has accepted a new role as Director of Marketing and Communications effective May 1.

In addition to overseeing the communications functions of AWSS, Karen will now have an expanded role in developing and implementing an overall corporate marketing strategy, supporting the marketing, sales and service teams, and translating the cooperative's business objectives into marketing strategies that grow member services.

In making the announcement, All West/Select Sires CEO Jim Wells said, "Karen is results-oriented and highly collaborative, which makes her a strong cultural fit for this role at All West. Her skill set spans all aspects of marketing, and we're really excited to see her take on this new, expanded role."

With this new position, Karen will relocate to the Burlington, WA, office.

Prior to joining All West three years ago, Karen was editor/publisher of HolsteinWorld magazine for 11 years and resided in Syracuse, NY.

All West/Select Sires is one of nine member-owned cooperatives in the U.S. that make up the federation of Select Sires Inc. All West is celebrating 75 years in the industry this year, and exists to enhance member/owners' success through genetics. To find out more about the company culture of All West, including information on bulls, products and services, please visit or phone 800.426.2697.

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