We transport milk over to our calf area using 5-gallon buckets with lids. I was annoyed by how quickly our already hard-to-see premarked milk amount lines (using “longer lasting” ear tag pens) were washing right off of the sides of our buckets week after week. I feared that re-marking buckets each week would cause not only inconsistency for our calves but also frustration from employees and employer by collecting incorrect amounts of milk. Therefore, I came up with a very easy and inexpensive fix.

By placing some colored waterproof tape over our already marked lines, we are now keeping our routine consistent for all. The milk amount is so much easier to see with the large colored tape lines. I also identified these tape lines with an ear tag pen, first by gallon amount and later by bottle amount to make it easier for our team. I placed some clear nail polish over our writing to make it last. (Thank you handy hint “Polish seals marker” from May 25, 2012, for that great idea!)

I have never had to re-mark a bucket after these simple little changes. We know that we are staying consistent in our routine and can spend the time it would have taken to re-mark these buckets on more important things.

Katie Rottenberg, Michigan

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