All I needed to make this homemade calf hutch door to protect calves during winter storms was a pallet, a tarp, staples, nails, baler twine, and slat wood. First, I took a tarp and folded it so it was twice as thick. I then measured it against the pallet to make sure it was the correct size.

I started on one edge of the pallet and wrapped it around so it covered only three sides, leaving the backside of the pallet open. I stapled the tarp down, making sure it was pulled tight. Afterward, I used some inexpensive slat wood and nailed a few of those down on top of the tarp to help support it.

Lastly, I attached thick baler twine to both sides of the pallet so I could pull it around a calf hutch. It works best to attach the rope on the top and bottom and then have them connect. This works perfect when you have a snowstorm or windy day and you want to prevent snow or a draft from entering the calf hutch. These only cost $5 per door to make.

Kira Tate, Wisconsin