March 25 2017 08:00 AM

Handy Hint: March 25, 2017

We have to carry our milk bottles to the calf barn and, unfortunately, sometimes one or two bottles would get spilled. We decided to build a cart to transport the bottles.

First, we made a base for the cart out of metal 3 feet long by 1-1/2 feet wide. We bent the metal into a rectangular shape 3 feet long and 1-1/2 feet wide.

Next, we took some used pieces of Plexiglass and screwed it on the metal for a base. Then we took 3-foot-long sides of Plexiglass that were 1/2-inch thick and screwed that on the base of the cart. We put 3-inch wheels on the bottom of the cart and made a handle out of aluminum. In all, it is 1-1/2 feet wide, 3 feet long, and about 6 inches high.

There are three partitions that are 3 feet long and 4 inches wide that the bottles fit in. The cart can hold 21 milk bottles. It is easy to pull around, and it saves us from spilling a lot of milk.

Thomas Wipf, Alberta, Canada