We were shopping around for aftermarket tractor mirrors but were not impressed by the price or small size. Instead, we picked up two combine mirrors for $10 at a salvage yard. We made some custom brackets that bolt to the top of the tractor cab. The mirrors are mounted on 1-1/4-inch-square tubing that slides back and forth inside of 1-1/2-inch-square tubing.

We can adjust the mirrors’ width easily by turning a bolt that pinches the inside metal tubing. We can adjust the mirrors from 6 inches to the cab all the way to 3 feet out.

This is really nice since we can narrow them up to fit in machine sheds or widen them out to see behind a couple of grain wagons hitched to each other. Having them widened out is nice when pulling wagons because we can watch behind us for cars when making a left turn.

Philip Raak, Minnesota