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Jim Werkhoven of Monroe, WA and Lana Smaciarz of Raymond, WA were recently elected to serve on the Dairy Farmers of Washington (DFW) board.

Werkhoven, with his brother, milks 1,300 cows on their farm which is about 30 miles northeast of Seattle. Werkhoven’s participation on various dairy organization boards such as, Darigold, Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy, and National Milk Producers Federation have given him a wealth of knowledge and understanding of many aspects of dairy. With that experience, his first order of business on the DFW Board is simple—to listen.

“I’m going into my first board meeting with open ears and an open mind,” stated Werkhoven. “I’m really excited to learn more about what DFW does and goals they have for the future. I want dairy to be the beverage and food of choice, which I know is a priority for the organization. I look forward to working with my fellow board members and staff to make that happen.”

Lana Smaciarz, and her husband Terry run their 4th generation farm, Oxbow Dairy, in southwest Washington. Smaciarz was born and raised on the same farm she owns today. Her experience as a Registered Dietician and long-time dairy farmer have her well-equipped and filled with ideas for the organization. Her daughter, Alicia, served as the 2016-17 Dairy Ambassador which helped give Smaciarz a solid foundation of what DFW is all about.

“This last year has given me countless opportunities to be involved in activities and events through the Ambassador Program with DFW,” Smaciarz said. “I’ve had a wonderful experience and I’m ready to take that involvement a step further. I look forward to serving the Washington dairy community.”

Scott Kinney, DFW CEO, looks forward to having two new faces with new ideas at the next board meeting.

“I’m excited to see what these two dairy farmers bring to the table,” Kinney stated. “Jim and Lana have different backgrounds and unique perspectives which will help our organization grow even stronger. Our board is this organization’s backbone; so it’s important to have strong advocates like Jim and Lana as part of our team.”

The Dairy Farmers of Washington organization leads statewide advertising and public relations programs, hunger relief initiatives, retail promotions, and nutrition education. Dairy farmers in Washington State fund DFW.