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After over 25 years of service to Cooperative Network and its more than 400 members, John Manske has announced his retirement from the organization, following the 2018 legislative session.

During his time with Cooperative Network, and its predecessor organization, the Wisconsin Federation of Cooperatives, Manske was instrumental in the support of legislation that furthered the cooperative way. He helped establish the Dairy Investment Tax Credit and Co-op Care, which allowed farmers to form a cooperative for the purpose of purchasing health insurance. Manske also led efforts to modernize the two statutes that govern cooperatives in Wisconsin: Chapters 193 and 185. He was instrumental in defeating the Gross Receipts Tax on oil which would have cost Wisconsin cooperatives $13 million. He also served a number of organizations such as the Wisconsin Agricultural Producer Security Council and the Badgerland Financial Board of Directors.

“John Manske provided exemplary service to Wisconsin’s cooperative community for over 25 years,” says Patrick Murray, Cooperative Network’s Senior Government & Members Services Director. “He was a trusted voice with lawmakers of all political stripes at the Capitol and his dedication to our members was second to none.”

Prior to joining Cooperative Network, Manske served others through his work on the Milton City Council and as a member of the Wisconsin State Assembly. Manske was recently honored for his service to Wisconsin cooperatives with a citation from the Wisconsin State Assembly, presented by Representative Ed Brooks.

Cooperative Network wishes to convey its utmost respect and best wishes to Manske in all of his future endeavors.

Cooperative Network serves approximately 400 Wisconsin and Minnesota member-cooperatives by providing advocacy, education, public awareness, and development services to a wide variety of cooperatives including agricultural marketing and processing, credit unions, dairy, electric, Farm Credit, farm supply, health care, mutual insurance, housing, service, telecommunications, worker-owned cooperatives, and more. For more information about Cooperative Network, visit