I placed this class of Holstein cows A-C-D-B. I started the class with two dairy framed cows in A and C; however, I gave the nod to A for her advantage in dairyness and femininity. A is longer and cleaner through her head and neck, sharper over her shoulders, and cleaner back through her hooks, pins, and thighs. Furthermore, A has a higher and wider rear udder and her front teats are placed more squarely on her udder floor. I admit C has more width throughout.

C uses her width and power to place over the red D. C is wider on her chest floor and shows more width back through her hooks, thurls, and pins. In addition, C is deeper in both the fore and rear rib and has more arch and spring to her ribs. I grant D is wider at the top of her rear udder attachment.

D uses her advantage in mammary system to place over B. D is higher and wider in her rear udder, she is smoother in her fore udder, and shows more balance and symmetry to her rear quarters. Moreover, D walks on a more correct set of feet and legs, having less set to the hock, and is walking on a cleaner, flatter bone. I recognize B shows more cleanliness and angularity throughout. B falls to the bottom of the class as she lacks the overall style and correctness to her udder to place any higher.

About the judge . . . Tyler Reynolds

Tyler Reynolds
Confu, N.Y.
Reynolds placed the HOLSTEINS. Upon graduation from Cornell University in 2013, Reynolds returned to his family’s Reyncrest Farm where they now milk 1,300 registered Holsteins and crop 2,400 acres. In addition to the commercial dairy, they have 40 head of show cattle. Tyler and his wife, Kelly, as well as his siblings, Andy and Mackenzie, have bred 19 All-American nominations and have had many Junior All-American nominations, as well. In 2019, Reyncrest was Premier Breeder and Exhibitor of the International Holstein Heifer Show and Premier Breeder of the Royal Winter Fair Holstein Heifer Show.