The information below has been supplied by dairy marketers and other industry organizations. It has not been edited, verified or endorsed by Hoard’s Dairyman.

The Brown Swiss Cattle Breeders’ Association has selected the District winners in the National Youth Production & Cheese Yield Contest. The production contest recognizes individuals whose cow reaches the highest deviation from herdmates within a 305-day period. The cheese yield contest honors the junior members whose cows produce the highest cheese yield during a 30-day period. This program emphasizes the fact that Brown Swiss milk is ideal for cheese-making due to its high protein content and fat-to-protein ratio.

The District 4 and National Production Winner is Kaylen Miller of Orangeville, IL, with her cow, Mil-K Grandslam Diva. Diva is classified VG-88 and produced 21,582 pounds of milk, 1,152 pounds of fat, and 679 pounds of protein. Her Energy Corrected Milk (ECM) is 26,865.

The District 1 Production Winner is Emily Button of Rushville, NY, with her cow, Buttons Manchester Poppi. Poppi, a VG-88, has produced 23,890 pounds of milk, 844 pounds of fat, and 736 pounds of protein. Her ECM is 24,372.

Eric Mowrey’s Brown Swiss, IE Mowreys Seaman Paisley is the District 2 Production Winner. The Reynoldsville, PA, cow is classified as a VG-87 and has produced 26,538 pounds of milk, 844 pounds of fat, and 836 pounds of protein. Her ECM is 26,202.

The District 8 Production Winner is IE Hirsch Parker Flower owned by Awna Hirsch of Eaton, CO. Flower has produced 30,300 pounds of milk, 872 pounds of fat, and 906 pounds of protein. She has an ECM of 27,724.

Taking the District 5 and National Cheese Yield Winner award is Kyden Massey, Kewaunee, WI, and her cow, Double T Tanbark Xenia. Xenia is a VG-87, EX-92 SS. Her record includes 169 pounds of milk per day, 5.00% Fat, 3.40% Protein, 2.65% Casein, 4.14% Useable Fat and 559.86 lb. Cheese Yield.

The District 1 Cheese Yield Winner is Emily Button, Rushville, NY, with her cow, Buttons Trace Patch Twin. Classified as a VG-86, Button produces 122 pounds of milk per day, 4.10% Fat, 3.00% Protein, 2.34% Casein, 3.66% Useable Fat and 355.86 lb. Cheese Yield.

Mil-K Thunder Vanilla Twin took the award for the Cheese Yield Winner in District 4. She is owned by Kaylen Miller, Orangeville, IL. Vanilla is a VG-86 that produces 74pounds of milk per day, 5.20% Fat, 4.1% Protein, 3.20% Casein, 5.00% Useable Fat and 296.42 lb. Cheese Yield.

The Cheese Yield District 2 Winner is Mowreys Faust Peace owned by Eliza Mowrey, Reynoldsville, PA. Peace is a GP-83 producing 74 pounds of milk per day, 5.10% Fat, 4.10% Protein, 2.57% Casein, 2.57% Useable Fat, and 237.82 lb. Cheese Yield.