The information below has been supplied by dairy marketers and other industry organizations. It has not been edited, verified or endorsed by Hoard’s Dairyman.

International Protein Sires (IPS) has advanced homozygous polled genetics in the Holstein breed resulting from the August sire summaries. On close examination, facets of the homozygous polled offering at IPS are equal to their horned stable mates. These genetic advancements result in greater appeal for the commercial dairy farmer. “The IPS bulls are proof positive that polled genetics have an economic advantage. Dairy farmers will realize labor savings by disbudding their cattle naturally while advancing their herd performance with these superior genetics,” stated Ron Sersland, IPS President and CEO.

566HO1337 BY THE WAY-RED PP is ranked #1 GTPI among homozygous polled Red & White sires at +2544 GTPI. There is a +114 point spread between #1 and #2. This breed leader offers a balance between strong performance and quality type traits. At +565 lbs. milk, BY THE WAY-RED PP also improves component test; +.04% fat and +.04% protein. BY THE WAY-RED is the only PP R&W genomic sire who is plus for both milk and DPR according to the Holstein Association’s Redbooks Plus program. This provides a unique genetic package. Sired by Webster-P, BY THE WAY-RED PP is from a Very Good two year old daughter of Jax-P.

566HO1320 JUST IN TIME RC PP shows superior rankings in several categories among homozygous polled Holsteins. He is #1 for milk at +1,712 lbs., #7 for GTPI at +2557, and #12 for type at +1.61. This breed leader shows impressive linear traits across the board with several off the chart. Two added qualities include; 1.9% calving ease and red factor. A son of Simplicity-P, JUST IN TIME is from a Very Good Zipit-P daughter that produced nearly 35,000 lbs. milk at one year, eleven months.

Like his stable mates, 566HO1333 LIVE NOW RC PP ranks among the best homozygous polled Holsteins. With the preferred A2A2 trait, LIVE NOW PP is #2 for udder composite, #7 for GTPI at +2627, and #15 for fat pounds at +81. He also accelerates fat test at +0.30%. This breed improver has also been assigned aAa: 246; valued and complimentary breeding qualities. For those desiring stronger cattle with high rear udders, LIVE NOW PP answers the call. LIVE NOW PP is from a promising young daughter of Bandares and sired by Presley-PP.

566HO1259 RAMP UP RC PP has emerged as a leading homozygous polled daughter proven sire at +2445 GTPI. At +1,060 pounds milk, RAMP UP PP also adds quality components; +61 lbs. (.07%) fat and +49 lbs. (+.06%) protein. His daughters are showing excellent size and strength with quality, workable udders. This dehorning specialist is plus for productive life at +1.7 and the preferred A2A2 designation. RAMP UP is sired by Powerball-P and from an Excellent daughter of Man-O-Shan. And, his family is loaded with a deep line of Excellent matrons.

The superior homozygous polled lineup at IPS is a commitment to breeding top performing cows, not numbers. These genetic qualities are preferred by dairy farmers throughout the world. Semen is available worldwide from IPS employees and independent distributors. Located in Rock Springs, Wisconsin, you may obtain additional information about IPS through their website, or by calling toll free: 1.800.542.7593.