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Sired by Progenesis Positive, DELUXE is backed by 15 generations of Very Good and Excellent dams with strong production records, going back to Coldsprings Dur Chan 109-ET EX-95 2E DOM. His dam is a VG-86 first lactation OCD Spring Slamdunk daughter, followed by a VG-87 Josuper with a second lactation record of over 40,000 pounds of milk with over 1,500 pounds of fat and 1,100 pounds of protein. Just as impressive as his pedigree is his genetic profile. Contributing to his elite index rankings, are impressive production traits at +1707 Milk, +122 Fat (+0.19%), +62 Protein (+0.03%), +260 Feed Efficiency and +2.80 Somatic Cell Score. Complementing those values are sound conformation (+1.58 PTA Type, +1.03 Udder Composite, +0.20 Feet & Leg Composite) and easy calvings (2.0% Sire Calving Ease and 1.4% Daughter Calving Ease). DELUXE is also Beta Casein A2/A2.

“Deluxe is a unique opportunity to access an A2/A2 bull extreme on all major U.S. indexes (GTPI®, NM$, CM$, and DWP$®). His Very Good dam concludes 15 Generations of VG and EX, including three generations of All-Americans,” said Priest and Mercuro.

Any Holstein breeder interested in using DELUXE for IVF mating should first go to the Holstein Marketplace Sires website,, to purchase IVF donor mating uses via credit card. Holstein staff will then reach out to make mating arrangements and will coordinate semen availability and authorization with IVF centers.

Visit to view complete pedigree and genetic information on DELUXE and all bulls currently available. The site features many generations of photos from their maternal lines, and commentary from the bull owners. All bulls offered through Holstein Marketplace Sires are free of any undesirable genetic conditions and haplotypes impacting fertility.

Introduced in January 2019, Holstein Marketplace Sires provides a unique avenue for Holstein breeders to market their genetics. Under the program, bull owners retain ownership of the bulls, and Holstein Marketplace Sires coordinates marketing and sales.