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  • New products and services beyond essential amino acids
  • Digital and product solutions for efficient, sustainable production of animal protein
  • Healthy animals for healthy food

As part of its strategic goal of becoming a ‘system house’ for animal nutrition, Evonik is showcasing a wealth of products and services beyond essential amino acids at EuroTier (February 9 to 12).

"We want to support our customers in producing healthy and high-quality animal protein in both an efficient and sustainable way," says Dr. Emmanuel Auer, head of the Animal Nutrition business line at Evonik. "And we are convinced that only healthy animals provide healthy food."

The well-being of animals and humans is closely linked for Evonik and its life sciences division Nutrition & Care. It starts with the basic health benefits of ‘low protein diet concepts’ driven by amino acid supplementation. Evonik has now reached the next focus level using probiotics to strengthen the intestinal health of animals. "They can help substitute the use of growth-promoting antibiotics," says Torben Madsen, head of the Sustainable Healthy Nutrition product line. The latest probiotic in Evonik's range is Ecobiol® Fizz, a tablet for rapid use via the drinking water system in poultry.

GuanAMINO®, a new guanidino acetic acid (GAA) product from Evonik, supports the energy metabolism of livestock. It improves feed conversion and animal performance. "So far, GAA has been used primarily in broilers, but pigs, ruminants, and fish diets also benefit from supplementation with GuanAMINO®," says Madsen.

Modern, professional livestock management includes knowing the exact needs of the animals and how barn conditions influence performance. Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) of this kind requires continuous monitoring and intelligent data management. With Porphyrio®, Evonik offers one of the leading digital solutions in poultry nutrition and farming.

AMINONIR® Portable, a new mobile near-infrared spectroscopy (NIR) service from Evonik, is the first in the world that can also analyze amino acids - independently of a laboratory, within minutes. The mobile device allows rapid on-site quality checks to make informed decisions at critical points in feed production, saving time, thus increasing speed, and efficiency in feed production.

Evonik's Animal Nutrition business line will be presenting all these innovations and much more on the digital platform at EuroTier 2021. Customers will have a wide range of opportunities to discover more from February 9 to 12. They can call up product information, attend ten different live presentations by Evonik, and interact with Evonik representatives via individual appointments. Three of the live presentations address specific issues and needs of the Middle East Africa region.