Dec. 10 2021 12:00 AM

The December 2021 Hoard’s Dairyman Bull List is now available.

Pine-Tree-I Pursuit became the top proven bull in the Holstein breed for Total Performance Index (TPI), with August’s leader, Hurtgenlea Richard Charl, dropping into a tie for third. On the Net Merit (NM$) and Cheese Merit (CM$) sides, Mr Dynasty Nashville retained both top spots.

Jx River Valley Chief was the top proven Jersey bull for both CM$ and Jersey Performance Index (JPI).

Among Holstein young sires, T-Spruce G Frost Bite lead the board for both NM$ and CM$, while Peak AltaExquisite topped TPI. Peak A-Game was the number one genomic Jersey for CM$, and Ahlem Colonel lead JPI.

December changes

This month’s release improves evaluations for Residual Feed Intake with more records and a higher estimated heritability, as well as adjusted variance. This is also the first triannual release that includes the Ayrshire genetic recessive trait AHC, commonly called Curly Calf Syndrome. Calves born with this genetic defect have joints that are stiff, curved, or hooked. They are stillborn or die shortly after birth. It has been traced back to the Swedish Red sire Peterslund, who was born in 1997. The Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding has been including AHC in its genomic evaluation format since October.

By the numbers

A.I. organizations reported 5,503 bulls active in December, 3,717 of which were genomic young bulls. This keeps genomic sires at a 68% market share like they held in the August evaluations. Holstein sires numbered 4,469 in all, and 750 Jersey bulls were included in the total.

You can access the full sire rankings for genomic and proven bulls of all breeds now.