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FERA Diagnostics and Biologicals is pleased to introduce FerAppease®, a unique analogue of the naturally occurring Maternal Bovine Appeasing Substance (MBAS) used to improve cattle welfare, animal health and performance, providing more profitability for calf raisers and dairy producers. Originally used in swine, research shows FerAppease minimizes the animal’s perception of danger, allowing it to feel safe and more comfortable during routine management procedures, such as weaning, dehorning, transport, calving, drying off and much more.

All ingredients in FerAppease are FDA approved under GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe). The product is applied topically. Farmers spray FerAppease on the back of the animal’s head and just above the muzzle. The MBAS enters a gland in the animal’s nose, reducing stress reactions by the brain’s hypothalamus and amygdala.

During clinical trials, treated animals in all stages displayed enhanced performance and immunity. “Consider calves. From birth through the weaning process, dairy calves undergo a lot of stress, making them susceptible to pathogens causing diarrhea and respiratory diseases. Stress can also make these young animals respond poorly to treatment and have reduced vaccine efficacy,” says FERA Diagnostics and Biologicals founder and CEO Rodrigo Bicalho, D.V.M, Ph.D. According to Dr. Bicalho, researchers found that dairy calves treated every 14 days from birth through weaning had notable decreases in diarrhea and mortality incidents. Compared to the control group, FerAppease-treated calves also had improved recovery following Bovine Respiratory Disease treatment, increased consumption of starter feed and enhanced weight gain. In addition, calves treated with FerAppease were 18 pounds heavier one week after weaning compared with control calves. With a single treatment of FerAppease lasting 14 days, it takes about four doses to cover the first period of a calf’s life.

FerAppease was also evaluated on adult dairy cows. At the beginning of Stage 1 parturition, cows were randomly given a single dose of FerAppease or a placebo. The treated group saw a notable decrease in incidences of retained placentas, mastitis, metritis and lameness.

FerAppease treatments for weaned calves through adult cattle will cost $3 per head and for calves $1.50 per head. FerAppease use doesn’t require a veterinarian’s prescription or a Veterinary Feed Directive plan, and there are no meat withholding requirements. For more information and study data and to place an order, visit