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Waikato Milking Systems USA is excited to launch the Waikato North American Hygiene Program aimed at matching on-farm hygiene and sanitation challenges with efficient and profitable custom solutions. The new program includes a full line of teat dips, detergents, sanitizers and other cleaning options.

“As Waikato continues to grow and expand its business, our goal is to work with our dealer network and dairy producer customers to offer solutions that add value and fit each farm’s specific requirements,” says Jeff Giles, Waikato Americas aftermarket service manager. “The new Waikato North American Hygiene Program offers farmers a one-stop shop of quality products, custom solutions and competitive pricing. Whether it’s for a small family farm or large-scale operation, Waikato is thrilled to introduce these new products and we believe they will help farmers grow the value of their dairy.”

The new hygiene program includes the OptiBlend Precision Hygiene Blending System, an on-farm mixing technology that allows farmers to formulate their own blend of chlorine dioxide based on their herd health requirements.

“Chlorine dioxide is the most effective hygiene agent,” says Giles. “However, the industry has struggled to fully maximize this technology at the farm level. Producers have been paying for chlorine dioxide products that not only include extra and costly water-weight, but also, those that are already pre-mixed in standard ratios, removing the ability to adapt and customize a solution based on specific herd needs. But all this changes with OptiBlend.”

According to Giles, the new OptiBlend Precision Hygiene Blending System is the first of its kind and the only way to take advantage of chlorine dioxide’s powerful effectiveness. “Farmers now can benefit from the most effective hygiene agent, plus save money because blending is done directly on the farm.”

Along with the OptiBlend System, the new hygiene program consists of more than 30 other products, including these featured options:

• Waikato i12 – 1% Iodine, 2% Glycerin Pre- or Post-dip

• Waikato i15 – 1% Iodine, 5% Glycerin Pre- or Post-dip

• Waikato i110 – 1% Iodine, 10% Glycerin Pre- or Post-dip

• Waikato p12 – 1% Hydrogen Peroxide, 0.66% Lactic Acid, 2% Glycerin Pre-dip

• Waikato p15 – 1% Hydrogen Peroxide, 0.66% Lactic Acid, DDBSA, 5% Glycerin Pre- or Post-dip

• Waikato icoldmax – 0.65% Iodine, 45% Glycerin Winter Dip

• Waikato nicoldmax – 1.6% Capric, Caprylic, Heptanoic, 76% PG, Lanolin Winter Dip

• Waikato ac30 – 32% Acidity HNO3-Phophoric/Citric Blend CIP Acid

• Waikato ac2000 – 41% Acidity HNO3-Phophoric/Nitric/Sulfuric Blend CIP Acid

• Waikato de100 – 15% Sodium Hydroxide, 4% Sodium Hypochlorite CIP Detergent

• Waikato de75 – 11% Sodium Hydroxide, 2% Sodium Hypochlorite CIP Detergent

• Waikato de120 – 15% Potassium Hydroxide, 2% Sodium Hypochlorite CIP Detergent

To review the entire program list, farmers can visit or contact their local dealer to discuss Waikato’s expanded hygiene and sanitation product offerings.

Waikato Milking Systems is a leading manufacturer of dairy technology, based in Hamilton, New Zealand, but with a global salesforce, dealership, technical and farmer network in major dairy countries, including USA headquarters in Verona, Wis.