The information below has been supplied by dairy marketers and other industry organizations. It has not been edited, verified or endorsed by Hoard’s Dairyman.

JOZ, founder of contemporary barn cleaning solutions, is expanding its product line of manure and feed pushing systems with Fullwood Milking: a supplier of milking systems and robots for the agricultural sector. This makes JOZ a 'one stop shop' for today’s dairy farmers.

Fullwood Milking is a supplier of fully integrated solutions for high-quality milking systems, including milking robots and all associated services. The organisation, headquartered and running a production location in the United Kingdom, operates in 80 countries with an extensive dealer and agency network. Fullwood's product range is complementary to that of JOZ and together, they will provide modern dairy farmers with a more comprehensive range.

The market dedicated to high-tech technology for dairy farming has developed at a brisk pace in recent years. To be able to join in, JOZ and Fullwood are combining their R&D forces, to continue to work together on high-quality technological solutions for the agricultural sector. Also, both organisations have an excellent dealer network that complements each other. JOZ is supported in its growth ambition by shareholder Rabo Investments.

Arend Kuperus (JOZ CEO) is proud of the new step, “Both JOZ and Fullwood have a long history in the agricultural sector. We share the same DNA. By bringing together the innovation and automation power, we confidently embrace the future.”

Roel Nizet confirms on behalf of Fullwood shareholder Pindustry, “With this step, Fullwood and its employees are embarking on a long-term, new phase under JOZ’s wings. By joining forces, there will soon be a strong, high-tech dairy company with a complete product range.”

Jorn van der Poel, Investment Director at Rabo Investments, “The Fullwood Milking acquisition is a wonderful step for JOZ. Fullwood is a strong brand with a long history. We are very proud of accelerating innovation together in this sector.”

Fullwood’s offices will remain based in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Belgium. The organisation will maintain existing services and the dealer network will also remain unchanged. All employees stay with the company. Trade unions as well as staff members have been notified of the acquisition. Packo Cooling, which was part of the Fullwood Packo Group, will continue to operate its existing network unchanged under its shareholder Pindustry.

JOZ was assisted in this transaction at different levels by e.g. Kruger (financially & operationally), Eden McCallum (commercially), 9Corporate (legally), JSA (tax-wise) and Valori (Software). Fullwood was assisted by FRP.