June 24 2022 10:52 AM

Farm-gate opens wider as new Ever.Ag software sees the dairy farm

The information below has been supplied by dairy marketers and other industry organizations. It has not been edited, verified or endorsed by Hoard’s Dairyman.

Ever.Ag, a leading agtech provider dedicated to empowering supply chains to feed a growing world, has acquired Cainthus, a company that offers artificial intelligence-enabled cameras for analyzing dairy operations. The addition of Cainthus to the Ever.Ag portfolio will provide dairy farmers and their advisors new insights from passive data collection.

“As part of our agtech vision, we are excited to add virtual eyes on the farm, Cainthus, to our portfolio,” said Ever.Ag CEO Scott Sexton. “We believe precision agriculture, now in the dairy barn, is the future. We are committed to growing, expanding, and embedding Cainthus technology into our software suite that spans the supply chain.”

The acquisition of Cainthus delivers on Ever.Ag’s mission and continues its decades-long tradition of partnering with the dairy industry from farm to fork. Additionally, as consumers become more focused on purchasing environmentally friendly and sustainably produced goods, the data it collects can validate responsible farming practices throughout the supply chain. The information from Cainthus is invaluable to upstream affiliates and downstream consumers.

“At Ever.Ag, we continue to invest in the dairy industry as we’ve done for several decades, and Cainthus offers multiple benefits for our producer clients,” said Mike Borman, Ever.Ag Chief Product Officer. “We look forward to continuing to develop its cost-saving, quality-enhancing capabilities for farmers, cooperatives, processors, and their partners.”

Following the Cainthus acquisition, Ever.Ag plans to enhance the offerings of its My Dairy Dashboard product and producer portals ― which integrates data from milk pickups, feed delivered, recorded cow events, milk schedules, and pay information. Cainthus will use the operational data to associate and visually validate herd performance in the barn.

Both Ever.Ag and Cainthus are leaders in data digitization for dairy farm operations and their animals. Ever.Ag solutions are designed, developed, and produced by a global team with a passion for agtech, client sustainability, and mutual prosperity.

“Mobile cow-side data entry revolutionized the industry a decade ago, but it only digitized work, it did not reduce it,” said Ryne Braun, Segment Leader at Ever.Ag. “Cameras from Cainthus, mounted in your barns, provide passive collection of herd health and feed consumption data — that’s literally a gift from above. Cainthus is very innovative technology for farmers who are willing to “look up” to improve their operations.”

The Ever.Ag team is comprised of over 500 agtech professionals from around the world. With headquarters in Texas, and satellite offices or hubs in Wisconsin, Illinois, Tennessee, Ireland, India, and Canada, Ever.Ag is well positioned to serve a global client base.

About Ever.Ag

Ever.Ag offers innovative AgTech solutions and services that empower agriculture, food, and beverage supply chains to feed a growing world. The breadth of the portfolio is uniquely capable of supporting the complex needs of companies involved in dairy, livestock, crops, and agribusiness. With decades of experience and industry-leading innovations, our technology, risk management, and market intelligence provide our customers with the tools and insights they need to operate more efficiently, sustainably, and strategically across every stage of the supply chain. To learn more, visit News.Ever.Ag.

About Cainthus

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, with an office in California, Cainthus is a computer vision company that turns visual information into actionable insights for farmers. Its proprietary technology passively tracks key farm management practices that impact nutrition, health, behavior, environment and the mental well-being of livestock. This breakthrough predictive imaging technology provides the analytics and information needed to drive business decisions.

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