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The new KUHN GF 1003 Series trailed and mounted rotary tedders provide efficient, uniform fluffing and smooth performance over irregular ground. New OptiTedd small-diameter rotors improve rotor strength, promotes superior ground following, and supports uniform crop dry down with the help of complete crop inversion.

The DigiDrive® coupling system makes it possible to reliably drive a large number of rotors, while still allowing folding for unmatched transport ease. DigiDrive contains case-hardened forged steel fingers for improved wear resistance. Synchronization of rotational movement is outstanding both in work and in transport where the components are folded nearly 180° to reduce the machine’s space requirement. It is a highly reliable system requiring very little maintenance, with no daily greasing necessary.

Robust rotor gearboxes are supported by large-diameter, double-row angular ball bearings. Sealed rotor housing prevents lubricant leaks and the introduction of contaminants. The sturdy mounting of rotor gearbox housings to the edge of the frame maximizes strength and durability.

The new OptiTedd small-diameter rotors work with a steep angle of attack, completely inverting the crop for fast, uniform drying. The reduced distance between the wheel and tines allows for excellent ground following, limiting the introduction of impurities and ash into the crop.

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