For 103 years, Dairy Council of California has focused on advancing people’s understanding of the important role that milk and dairy foods play in healthy, sustainable eating patterns. While this focus has not wavered, an ever-changing external environment creates a need for the organization to stay up-to-date on shifts that could impact the dairy industry, schools, and communities.

A wide variety of issues impact the dairy community, from evolving consumer expectations of food companies and changes in food purchasing patterns to emerging nutrition research and policies. The Dairy Council of California’s proprietary “Trends” process enables the organization to continuously monitor the environment to identify the most strategic paths and address challenges so that the organization stays agile, resilient, and impactful.

The Trends process is led by a team of registered dietitian nutritionists, health professionals, and communications experts and involves regular analysis of the latest news in nutrition research, education, policy and systems, health, and consumer behavior. Through conversation and critical analysis of the data, the team determines what emerging issues are most relevant and impactful to its audiences. These findings are used in various ways, including:

  • To equip stakeholders with critical information — Dairy Council of California distributes two reports annually — one for health professionals and educators, the other for our dairy community — to share information that is relevant and educational. The reports include implications to help audiences determine how to address changes in the environment.
  • To evolve programs, resources, and services — The Trends process helps ensure Dairy Council of California’s programs and resources are scientifically accurate and relevant to audiences. The organization provides practical guidance and application tips to consider when delivering nutrition education to children, adults, and families and helps advance the unique value of milk and dairy foods.
  • To identify and amplify research about dairy foods — Dairy Council of California tracks a range of research that validates the health contributions of dairy foods within dietary patterns.

Dairy Council of California’s Trends process is integral to achieving its cause to elevate the health of children and families through lifelong healthy eating habits. The process is more impactful when dairy producers and processors engage in using the latest trends and informing others. The 2022 Trends report for the dairy industry is expected to be released in November 2022. To receive your copy, email

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October 6, 2022
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