Oct. 11 2022 03:36 PM

Expanded isolated water chambers ensure even more support and coverage for knees and hocks when the cow is laying down

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Advanced Comfort Technology, Inc., is proud to bring dairy producers an upgrade to the third generation isolated design of dairy waterbed technology. The extra comfort (XC) offered by the new design will provide the most comfortable free-stall bedding solution, yet. The expanded water chambers offer even more comfort for the cow's knees and her body, with the ultimate in cow comfort, consistency, cushion, and support.

DCC Waterbeds ISO®, with two independent chambers have been providing comfort to cows around the world since 2013. DCC Waterbeds float the hocks, knees, and udder. They are a proven, comfortable alternative to deep- bedded sand or solids. The DCC Waterbeds XC design offers even more comfort for the cow when she’s in the lying position by expanding the water flotation surface area of the bed.

"We found an opportunity to expand the lying space while maintaining the long-life performance of DCC Waterbeds. The XC design provides extra comfort for the cow by expanding the water chambers," said Scott Hartwell, CEO and Managing Partner of ACT, Inc., and designer of DCC Waterbeds XC. "With DCC Waterbeds, no other bedding system has been in barns for 20 years and has dairy producers saying that they look as good as day one. DCC Waterbeds are built to last, and the ISO XC is built for maximum comfort."

Unlike traditional flat mats, water can never pack, ensuring long lasting comfort. Unlike deep bedding, DCC Waterbeds are consistent every time a cow drops to the laying position. DCC Waterbeds help simplify manure management while providing proven high levels of cow comfort and support.

Headquartered in Wisconsin, Advanced Comfort Technology, Inc., is a second-generation, family-owned company that distributes DCC Waterbeds® worldwide. ACT, Inc., has been improving dairy cow comfort by providing waterbeds for cows since 1999. For more information, visit www.DCCWaterbeds.com. For more information about DCC Waterbeds, contact Vice-President and Managing Partner, Amy Throndsen, at 608-709-2693.