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Effective January 1st, Paul Hunt will be the new CEO of URUS and will represent URUS in the PON group as Senior Vice President (SVP) Agricultural Products & Services. Together with Kevin Muxlow and Gregg Topoleski, he will form the new Executive Board of URUS.

Paul is replacing Cees Hartmans, who will retire after 23 successful years.

Paul has spent his entire career within URUS and its predecessors and has been crucial to the many changes URUS went through. As PEAK CEO, he led the growth of the most powerful bovine genetics provider in the world. As URUS COO, he has provided leadership and support to our companies and many aspects of URUS. We are proud to see Paul, together with Kevin and Gregg, lead URUS to new levels of success and achievements.

Cees Hartmans has put the customer in the center of all our companies. We all owe him for his achievements and his honest and open approach, creating a unique culture. His passion for our people, our clients and members, and the industry, has made the URUS group the global powerhouse it is today.

For more information, feel free to contact Cees Hartmans or Paul Hunt.