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Merck Animal Health announces that ORBENIN-DC™ (cloxacillin benzathine intramammary infusion) dry cow treatment is now available in convenient 144-syringe pails.

ORBENIN-DC effectively targets Gram-positive bacteria at dry-off with zero milk withhold post-calving.

“Dairy producers have long trusted ORBENIN-DC to help cure existing intramammary infections and help prevent new infections during the dry period,” said Austin Snook, Merck Animal Health. “In response to producer requests, we’re pleased to offer this effective dry cow treatment in a larger package option.”

ORBENIN-DC continues to be available in 12-syringe boxes as well. For more information, visit

ORBENIN-DC is part of the comprehensive mastitis and scours management program from Merck Animal Health. Other solutions include SHUTOUT®, an internal teat sealant that provides a physical barrier against bacteria entering the teat canal, BOVILIS® J-5, a Gram-negative core-antigen vaccine to aid in reduction of mastitis due to E. coli; and BOVILIS GUARDIAN, a complete scours vaccine for dry cows with broad-spectrum protection against four major bacterial and viral pathogens associated with scours in pre-weaned calves.

For more information on the Merck Animal Heath dry cow portfolio, visit