Oct. 26 2022 04:37 PM

This wireless free-flow milk meter meets the highest standards for accuracy, hygiene, durability and connectivity.

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Nedap Livestock Management, a global leader in automated dairy herd monitoring and management technology, announces its SmartFlow Milk Meter is now available to North American dairy farms.

“The Nedap SmartFlow is the first milk meter that’s completely wireless,” says Maarten Idink, managing director, Nedap Livestock Management. “Its free-flow design means teat-end vacuum drops and fluctuations caused by milk meters are a thing of the past. Cows not only are more comfortable; they’re also milked faster.”

The revolutionary Nedap SmartFlow compact wireless design ensures even and unrestricted milk and airflow through the meter. There are no flow obstructions or interruptions which could cause a vacuum drop or fluctuation. As a result, cows are milked more gently and completely than with any other metering technology, improving udder health and milk quality, including reduced free fatty acids.

The Nedap SmartFlow Milk Meter:

  • Is durable, easy to install and cost-effective to maintain. Because it is wireless, there are no malfunctions related to faulty wiring.
  • Measures and registers the milk yield and flow rate of individual cows during each milking with the highest accuracy, empowering farmers with real-time performance and health insights on individual cows, groups and the herd.

“SmartFlow meters offer dairy farms of all sizes accurate, consistent data to help ensure each cow in their herd is profitable,” says Matt Heisner, Nedap Livestock Management dairy product specialist. “Farmers can now know exactly how much milk each cow produces and use this information to improve management decisions. They can depend on the data’s precision because the milk meter meets stringent international accuracy specifications.”

The SmartFlow Milk Meter has been certified by the International Committee for Animal Recording (ICAR). This means the meter meets stringent standards after undergoing field tests, installation and calibration tests, as well as statistical analysis to certify quality assurance and control.

“ICAR-certified milk meters have been independently tested against and comply with ICAR’s demanding standards, giving them worldwide dairy industry recognition,” says Idink. “Dairy farmers can have the utmost confidence the Nedap SmartFlow Milk Meter records cow milk yield and flow rate with the highest accuracy with the least impact on the milking process and udder health.”

For more information, visit nedap-livestockmanagement.com.

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