Dec. 5 2022 01:53 PM

The collaboration pairs Eurofins Agro’s world-class analytical expertise supporting sustainable agriculture with industry-leading NeoSpectra analyzers and software services.

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Si-Ware Systems, the creator of the NeoSpectra material analysis platform, today announced a collaboration with Eurofins Agro to investigate the application of the NeoSpectra platform to their analytical portfolio, including field usage and lab applications.

Eurofins Agro is part of Eurofins Scientific, an internationally growing laboratory and contract research organization with over 61,000 personnel in 59 countries, operating in 940 laboratories. With over 100 years of experience, Eurofins Agro has laboratories worldwide with a mission to contribute to healthy, viable, and sustainable farming and growing.

The announced collaboration leverages the world-class laboratory and NIR application expertise of Eurofins Agro with the versatility and high performance of the innovative NeoSpectra platform to explore options to add value to customers in lab and field environments in the near future.

"NeoSpectra is bringing a lot of opportunities to the table in terms of lab usage and portable field applications. We’re excited to see how this will bring additional value to our services," Martijn van Oostrum, Team Leader Development at Eurofins Agro.

"I'm really excited to be working on this project with Eurofins Agro and bringing the lab-grade performance models and the NeoSpectra platform advantages to multiple users in labs and the field, “added Mostafa Medhat, VP of Product and Customer Happiness at Si-Ware. “Eurofins Agro’s mission to contribute to healthy, viable, and sustainable farming and growing is completely aligned with our goals at NeoSpectra, and we look forward to adding value to the services that help growers and processors feed the world in a sustainable and profitable way.”

Future developments from this collaboration will be released by both companies.