Hampel Animal Care introduces the industry's first Pen Front with independent height adjustable buckets for Calf Tel's plastic modular pen system.
The new Pen Front, exclusive to Calf-Tel, is the only pen system that allows the bucket height to be adjusted independent of the pent front. Other pen systems require lifting the entire pent front in order to adjust the bucket height, which involves additional labor and leaves a large gap at the bottom for costly bedding to escape. Eliminating the gap at the bottom of the pen reduces the loss of bedding but also reduces the risk of biosecurity cross contamination.
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"The new Cal-Tel Pen Front is a great addition to the Calf-Tel product line," says Joe Weber, marketing manager, Hampel Corporation. "It is just another way Hampel Animal Care strives to provide quality calf housing to today's dairymen and set industry standards."
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Other improvements include an enhanced feed divider allowing for greater feed savings, a wider door opening and a new proprietary handle further improving the performance, functionality and profitability to dairymen.

Calf-Tel was the first to introduce a plastic modular pen system in 2006. Since then, the Calf-Tel Pen System has been embraced world-wide by dairies of all sizes. The inherent benefits of plastic: durability, bio-security, longevity, and labor saving attributes have more than proven themselves to dairymen.

Hampel Animal Care, a division of Hampel Corporation, began serving the agriculture industry in 1981 with the introduction of Calf-Tel housing systems. Today it is the number one choice for calf housing, worldwide. For more information, visit www.Calf-Tel.com or learn more at www.facebook.com/calftel and www.youtube.com/calftel.