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by Mike Hutjens. Dairy cow physiology; optimizing dry matter intake; feeding & the gestation/lactation cycle; ration formulation; purchasing & valuing feed; challenges of rBST; hot weath­er; 3X milking. Updates include higher production levels, new feed additives and ingredients, feed storage comparisons, economics of rBST, mycotoxin safety levels and more
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Achieve consistency and higher quality: Develop your own Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). Completely customizable for your operation. Bilingual 20 in. by 17 in. poster and guidelines Water-resistant Poster includes Profitable Milking steps: stick-on pictures along with guidelines in English
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SPANISH EDITION, Profitable Milking: Step-by-Step to Milk Quality. Establish a milking routine that everyone follows for greatest efficiency and profitability. The most complete and up-to-date information on milking management. Use as a reference and as a training tool. 56 pages. CONTENTS Chapter 1 Milk Letdown The role of oxytocin, The effect of stress, Milkers' attitude, Teat stimulation affects
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Por Coleen Jones y Jud Heinrichs. Completamente nuevo, este libro le da lo que necesita para crecer las becerras. EL PARTO sucesos de un parto normal; Cómo asistir el parto; Cidado del recién partido; ALIMENTACI´ON Requerimientos nutricionales, Sustitutos de leche; MANEJO Y ALBEGUES; SALUD Descornado, Causas de diarrea, Las enfermedades respiratorias ¡Y MÁS!
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Por Mike Hutjens. Fisiología de la vaca lechera; optimizando la ingestión de materia seca; alimentación y el ciclo gestación-lactancia; formulación de raciones; comprando y evaluando los ingredientes alimenticios;desafíos especiales de la alimentación; somatotropina bovina; alimentación en clima caluroso; ordeño tres veces al día
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Spanish Edition | Importancia de la rutina de ordeño que todo mundo debe seguir para lograr calidad y eficiencia, reducir la mastitis a un mímino y obtener máximas utilidades. Una herramienta de referencia
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by Pierre Lévesque. SPANISH EDITION | This important book includes all aspects of the disease, including causes, prevention and treatments. Main points are highlighted with outstanding illustrations, and both basic and advanced information make it a must-read for Spanish-speaking milkers as well as managers: how to understand, investigate and solve your farm's mastitis problems
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Back in stock! Bonnie Mohr, dairy artist and 2017 Dairy Shrine Guest of Honor, created an updated "Foster Mothers of the Human Race" painting in celebration of the 125th Anniversary of Hoard's Dairyman in 2011.Known as the foster mothers of the human race, this kindly and beneficent creature has long been looked to as one of the chief sustaining forces of human life. The print features the dairy breeds
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Chapters include: Maintaining a healthy herd; From calf to cow; Achieving reproductive efficiency; The udder and mastitis; Digestive and metabolic disorders; Respiratory diseases; Foot, eye and skin disorders; Other diseases and disorders; Biosecurity on the farm; Care of bulls
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Some 350 of the top Handy Hints submitted by Hoard's Dairyman readers over the last 10 years. You're bound to find great ideas for saving time and money! Conveniently organized into categories of Housing, gates and fences; Feeding and feed handling; Milking systems; Records and health; Shop, machinery and miscellaneous. 80 pages
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US edition: This book details what the young showman needs to know, and includes the newly released PDCA Showmanship Evaluation card
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This popular cookbook sold out rapidly when Hoard's Dairyman first published it years ago. Now reissued, it features over 200 recipes organized to take advantage of each season's bounty. Check out favorites Oven-Made Caramel Corn, Pat's Cheese-Broccoli Bake and many more
Por Jan Shearer, DVM; Sarel van Amstel, DVM; Adrián Gonzales, DVM. SPANISH EDITION | Anatomía del pie del bovino; Recorte de las pezuñas; Causas de cojeras; Cojera en la parte superior de la pierna y en los becerros; Baños de patas; Monitoreo de la cojera; Conducta de las vacas, instalaciones cómodas y su manejo apropiado; Apéndices: soluciones de baños de patas, tratamiento tópico
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A timeless quote from W.D. Hoard that you can post or frame for your farm. Remind employees and family that the foster mother of the human race is meant to be treated with care and respect
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by Peter Edmondson. Controlling somatic cell counts can be an ongoing battle for many dairy farmers. How to Control Somatic Cell Counts is written by a veterinarian who specializes resolving mastitis issues, making this book a great resource
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Holiday special! Through his quotes, W.D. Hoard left an ever-lengthening shadow of service on the dairy industry. This beautiful hardcover book documents Hoard's insightfulness, along with the timeline of our evolving dairy industry as captured in restored historical photographs. 96-pages, 8" x 8" premium dust jacket elegant double foil stamped hardcover signature quotes from the father of modern dairying
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Holiday special! World Dairy Expo celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2016, and to honor this milestone, over 40 journalists collaborated to create a historical book reminiscing on 50 years of Expo memories
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Limited copies available! Beginning in 1948, long-time Hoard's Dairyman art director Jim Baird crafted beautiful Christmas themed drawings to grace the cover of the December issue of the magazine
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Combining the intricacies of dairy cow health care with the welfare protocols of the USDA organic program, author and veterinarian Paul Biagiotti details vital information for managing organic dairy animals
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The story of the Foster Mothers paintings begins with a quote from the founder of Hoard's Dairyman. "The cow is the foster mother of the human race. From the day of the ancient Hindoo to this time have the thoughts of men turned to this kindly and beneficent creature as one of the chief sustaining forces of human life." - W.D. Hoard This quote penned more than a century ago was first brought to