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Hoard Legacy is the second and final volume in the Hoard Leadership book series. In line with volume 1 of the series, the book records W.D. Hoard's most famous quotes, the evolution of the dairy industry, and the photographic gems of a generation of dairy related work. 96-pages, 8" x 8" premium dust jacket elegant double foil stamped hardcover signature quotes from the father of modern dairy farming
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This two-volume series record W.D. Hoard's most famous quotes, the evolution of the dairy industry, and photographic gems from a generation of dairy-related work
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Hoard's Binders hold a year's issues
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Gated freestall heifer barn, cold type, six designs
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The story of the Foster Mothers paintings begins with a quote from the founder of Hoard's Dairyman. "The cow is the foster mother of the human race. From the day of the ancient Hindoo to this time have the thoughts of men turned to this kindly and beneficent creature as one of the chief sustaining forces of human life." - W.D. Hoard
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Nutrition, genetic factors, diseases of reproduction, embryo losses, breeding heifers, pregnancy diagnosis, synch strategies, fine-tuning your reproductive program, also description of anatomy and explanation of the basic reproductive processes. Produced in cooperation with Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council
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This 24-page book walks you through traits of the ideal dairy cow found on the PDCA scorecard (frame, dairy strength, rear feet & legs, udder)
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Order your Online Subscription Renewal here Your online subscription includes a searchable archive of over 15 years of back issues. Hoard's Dairyman Tools for milking faster, better, smarter Tips, techniques and tactics for profitable milk production Feeding, breeding and animal health advice, ideas and guidance Headline dairy market news and insight Competitive dairy management strategies Breakthroughs
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Your one stop shop for dairy planning! From the planning and development process to various housing options, this book contains tables, charts, figures and measurements to customize your dairy housing needs
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SECOND EDITION: Greatly expanded, this invaluable guide covers infectious and noninfectious diseases, now in two chapters. Diagnosis of upper leg lameness in calves through adult cattle is probably the most complete information anywhere. The newest data on managing footbaths is presented. Staying on top of herd foot problems through better data management, and the tools to do this are recommended
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Video de 30 minutos muestra el tecnico como descrito en el libro Manual de Cuidado de las Pezuñas en Bovinos. DVD contiene dos idiomas, español y ingles
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Información sobre la nutrición, los factores genéticos, enfermedades de la reproducción, muerte embrionaria, diagnóstico de gestación, estrategias de sincronización, como afinar su programa reproductiva y más, con los detalles básicos de la anatomía y los procesos de la reproducción
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"Las vacas emiten señales importantes durante todo el día. Ud. necesita saber cómo percibir estas señales." El autor Jan Hulsen es veterinario y aficionado a las vacas. Este libro finamente ilustrado es la guía práctica ideal para mejorar la observación del comportamiento, postura y características físicas de las vacas
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Anatomía del pie del bovino; Recorte de las pezuñas; Causas de cojeras; Cojera en la parte superior de la pierna y en los becerros; Baños de patas; Monitoreo de la cojera; Conducta de las vacas, instalaciones cómodas y su manejo apropiado; Apéndices: soluciones de baños de patas, tratamiento tópico para la dermatitis digital, Afilado de cuchillas. Por
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Por Pierre Lévesque. Este nuevo libro importante incluye todos los asuntos de esta enfermedad, incluyendo causas, prevención y tratamientos. Ilustraciones excepcionales muestran los puntos mayores, y la información ambos básica y advanzada hace este libro esencial para los ordeñadores y también los gerentes. Aprenda entender, investigar y resolver los problemas de mastitis en su rancho
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