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$ 25
Print features barn scene as an 11” x 14”
$ 12
12-pack of cards (3 of each image)
$ 12
The barn door image features a Holstein, Jersey, and Guernsey
$ 32
Includes: Hoard's Legacy, Hoard's Leadership, and We Need a Show
$ 11.95
2023 Hoard’s Dairyman calendar
$ 80.00
Diary Quiz Bowl Bundle Includes: Feeding Guide, Dairy Cattle Fertility, Calf Care, and Corn Silage
$ 25.00
Children’s book offers a real-life look at modern dairy farming
$ 24.95
Corn silage serves as the foundation for dairy rations around the country, and feeding a high-quality product requires attention to detail throughout the growing, harvesting, and storage processes
$ 90
Four 11" x 14" dairy scenes
$ 25
Features 11" x 14" nativity scene
$ 25
Rural winter scene as an 11” x 14” print
$ 12.00
The rural winter scene graced the December 2021 Hoard’s Dairyman cover
$ 23.99
This narrative nonfiction collection of stories from the turn of the 20th century
$ 19.95
Enjoy 15 issues of the most popular dairy publication! If you are purchasing a subscription as a gift, just put the recipient's name and address in the comment section
$ 12.00
Features a farm nativity scene by dairy artist Larry Schultz
$ 12.00
Features five dairy breeds overlooking the nativity scene
$ 49
Readers around the world can learn about the latest information in the dairy industry
$ 25
For Canadian residents. Receive 15 issues full of the dairy industry's latest news, technology and management. $25.00 U.S. funds plus GST
$ 29.95
Two years of Hoard's Dairyman
$ 39.95
This is a three year print only Hoard's Dairyman magazine subscription to a U.S. address