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Fire control in livestock buildings
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First on the scene, decision/action guide for farm emergencies; great training for EMS
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Large-scale composting, including raw materials, methods, equipment, management and marketing
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Hoof trimming chute, portable, pipe frame construction
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High-tensile wire fencing book on use and construction
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by Dave Kammel, UW- Madison. Swing parlor, design factors and layout, 18 pages
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by UW's David Kammel, Vance J. Haugen, with Dr. Sandy Stuttgen. Contents include Budgeting for the remodeled parlor; Staging the construction; Layout options; Concrete demolition; Sizing the parlor; Crowd gate options; Lighting; CIP; Technology options; Initial parlor setup. Drawings include existing two-story barn; remodeling plan; parabone parlor dimensions & cross section. Added article and plan
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3-bedroom farm home with basement, alternate floor plans
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Self-feeding wagon rack, 14'-20' lengths (30-50 head)
This 30-minute DVD shows claw trimming technique as described in the book Manual of Foot Care. DVD includes both English and Spanish versions. Tecnico Funcional para el Recorte Correctivo de las Pezuñas DVD Video de 30 minutos muestra el tecnico como descrito en el libro Manual de Cuidado de las Pezuñas en Bovinos. DVD contiene dos idiomas, español y ingles