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Por Pierre Lévesque. Este nuevo libro importante incluye todos los asuntos de esta enfermedad, incluyendo causas, prevención y tratamientos. Ilustraciones excepcionales muestran los puntos mayores, y la información ambos básica y advanzada hace este libro esencial para los ordeñadores y también los gerentes. Aprenda entender, investigar y resolver los problemas de mastitis en su rancho
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Hoof trimming chute, portable, pipe frame construction
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High-tensile wire fencing book on use and construction
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by Dave Kammel, UW- Madison. Swing parlor, design factors and layout, 18 pages
$ 5.00
by UW's David Kammel, Vance J. Haugen, with Dr. Sandy Stuttgen. Contents include Budgeting for the remodeled parlor; Staging the construction; Layout options; Concrete demolition; Sizing the parlor; Crowd gate options; Lighting; CIP; Technology options; Initial parlor setup. Drawings include existing two-story barn; remodeling plan; parabone parlor dimensions & cross section. Added article and plan
$ 13.00
3-bedroom farm home with basement, alternate floor plans
$ 1.00
Self-feeding wagon rack, 14'-20' lengths (30-50 head)
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Features anatomy; claw trimming techniques; causes of lameness; footbaths; monitoring lameness; trimming-facility planning and more. This book can be purchased as a PDF format file. The PDF file is Bookmarked and Searchable. To open, view and print the file, you must have the third party software Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. After you purchase the PDF of this title, we will