They aren't the cows you'll see in the show ring, but they're here in the Grazing Pavilion. The Grazing Pavilion, in its second appearance at Expo, is hosting 10 cows representing the Normande, Dutch Belted, and a few other breeds of grazing cattle.

The central purpose of the Grazing Pavilion is to provide a reason for grazing producers to travel to America's Dairyland for World Dairy Expo. The pavilion provides resources for grazers that would not be found in the traditional trade show. There are a variety of product companies present promoting different fencing products, calf feeders, and supplemental feeds. A.I. companies are also present to showcase the breeding programs they have developed to maximize longevity and health traits.

On Friday, October 1, 2010 the Second Annual World Dairy Expo Grazing Seminars are being held in the Exhibition Hall. The seminar will focus on the nuts and bolts of managed grazing, grazing genetics, and grazing heifers. There will also be a young produces panel featuring three grazing families. The Grazing Pavilion provides a wealth of information and resources for current grazing producers and those looking into it as a future career.