The results of the annual top 100 coopertives list, ranked by total revenue is now available for 2009. It's release coincides with October being national cooperative month. The document, published by NCB (the national bank for cooperatives) is published annually. The list is comprised of cooperatives from all sectors including agriculture, grocery, energy and commerce, finance, hardware and lumber, healthcare, and other. Agriculture, by a margin of over $54 billion dollars, leads the cooperative world in revenues. Coming in second is our relatives in the grocery sector.

Four of the top six cooperatives are from the agriculture sector, with two of them being dairy-related. CHS, Inc., the Minnesota-based grain group, took the top spot on the list with $25.7 billion in revenue for 2009. Land O' Lakes leads the way for dairy cooperatives generating revenues of $10.4 billion. In second for dairy was Dairy Farmers of America with $8.174 billion.

Below are the Top Ten Agricultural and Dairy Cooperatives on this year's NCB list.

Agriculture (listed in millions of dollars)
1. CHS, Inc., $25,730
2. Land O'Lakes, Inc., $10,409 (revenue from all sectors, not just dairy)
3. Dairy Farmers of America, $8,174
4. Ag Processing, Inc., $3,378
5. California Dairies, Inc., $2,381
6. Southern States Cooperative, $1,827
7. Ocean Spray, $1,541
8. Associated Milk Producers, Inc., $1,383
9. Prairie Farms Dairy, Inc., $1,346
10. United Suppliers, Inc., $1,302

Dairy-related(listed in millions of dollars)
1. Land O'Lakes, Inc., $10,409 (revenue from all sectors, not just dairy)
2. Dairy Farmers of America, $8,174
3. California Dairies, Inc., $2,381
4. Associated Milk Producers, Inc., $1,383
5. Prairie Farms Dairy, Inc., $1,346
6. Dairylea Cooperative, Inc., $1,201
7. Foremost Farms USA Cooperative, $1,141
8. MD & VA Milk Producers Cooperative, $865
9. Southeast Milk, Inc., $810
10. Agri-Mark, Inc., $655