Oct. 6 2022
The number one challenge for young farmers and young people who want to get into farming is access to land, the 2022 National Young Farmer Survey recently reported
Oct. 3 2022
Recently, the Federal Reserve, simply known to many as the Fed, once again raised interest rates with the purpose of bringing down the inflation rate
Sept. 26 2022
At times this fall, wholesale natural gas prices in Europe have spiked nearly 3,000% higher than they were in the fall of 2020
July 25 2022
With inflation so out of hand, last month the Federal Reserve enacted the highest single-month interest rate jump since 1994
June 27 2022
“Manufacturers don’t actually know what they will have to pay for your milk until federal orders deliver the monthly announcement of prices,” wrote Mark Stephenson
June 27 2022
Federal Milk Marketing Orders have been in place for over eight decades, and while they have seen modest updates, many industry experts think more change is ahead
June 20 2022
Our customers are asking more and more questions about recession and the potential impact on dairy prices. We all remember what happened with dairy prices in 2009
June 16 2022
Despite historic butterfat production from the nation’s dairy herd, full-fat dairy products continue to have red-hot demand as spot butter prices hover near $3 per pound on the CME. Consider this,...
June 13 2022
As consumer prices continue to rise for everything from gas to grocery items such as meat and dairy products, the question of how long shoppers will be able to maintain their normal purchasing habits
June 8 2022
Fertilizer is once again experiencing a seismic market disturbance. Instead of supply chains being disrupted by a worldwide pandemic, however, a significant portion of fertilizer’s woes can now...
June 6 2022
This May, the four Federal Milk Marketing Order (FMMO) milk pricing benchmarks fell just one penny short of achieving the first ever $25-plus-across-the-board milk price in U.S. history
June 3 2022
Having to view our operations in new ways can lead to valuable innovations
May 16 2022
There are nickels, dimes, and quarters lying around on dairy farms all over the place. Of course, I’m figuratively speaking as there are no loose coins to actually be found. Yet, I’m convinc
May 10 2022
whether looking at your farm business or household accounts, it’s pretty obvious prices for just about everything are rising
May 9 2022
After bottoming out at $1,140 per head in April 2019, dairy replacements slowly gained value, selling between $1,240 and $1,380 per head over the next four years
April 11 2022
Feed costs — Ten opportunities for savingspresented by: Mike Hutjens, University of Illinoissponsored by: Kuhn Feed represents over 50% of total milk production costs. With higher fertili
April 7 2022
This year’s planting season is setting up to be an expensive one, considering the skyrocketing prices for fuel and fertilizer
April 7 2022
The dairy industry has been through very turbulent waters the last several years, but don’t get complacent about what appears to be a good price year ahead of us
March 31 2022
“We haven’t had many major changes to the federal orders since 2000,” shared Jim Mulhern with those attending the 24th annual meeting of Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) on March 23