Jan. 13 2021
Maintaining adequate financial liquidity has become a greater issue for dairy producers in recent years because of the more intense volatility of both earnings and cash flow
Jan. 13 2021
Pandemic, prices, and PPDs . . . What will 2021 offer?Mark Stephenson, Directory of Dairy Policy Analysis, University of Wisconsin-MadisonSponsored by Cargill Stephenson looked at the continued impact...
Jan. 7 2021
The new year always feels like a refreshed time. Even though it is just one day different, somehow, flipping to the new year on the calendar makes it a fresh start
Dec. 2 2020
I’m writing this through tears of anger, frustration, disbelief, and exhaustion. I am so tired of being a farmer
Sept. 25 2020
As dairies face low milk prices, their ability to endure and recover from volatile conditions is more important than ever
Sept. 10 2020
The unthinkable events that occurred in the first six months of 2020 will more than likely have an exceptionally long tail. That tail could be 12 to 24 months out or it may even be years long
Sept. 10 2020
There are two ways to look at the problem facing family dairy farms. The first is that of a “farm income problem.” The second is that of a “farm structure problem.” It is common...
Aug. 25 2020
The unprecedented volatility in dairy markets over the last several months has raised questions about how milk is priced
May 11 2020
For most dairy producers, land is their main source of equity and, with commodity prices in the doldrums, many are putting their hopes in land markets being able to withstand the crisis caused by COVID-19
March 25 2020
The cropping enterprise is an integral component to the success of the dairy enterprise and the whole farm in generating profit. Purchased feed costs are usually monitored regularly by producers
March 24 2020
The world has changed a lot in the last week and a half, and maybe one of the only silver linings in this situation is that we’re realizing the difference between what we need in order to survive...
Feb. 25 2020
The balance sheet is a portrait of the financial condition of the farm. After a period of low milk prices, the balance sheet now tells a story of how the farm weathered the storm
Jan. 27 2020
We have all seen the local foods movement continue to expand. Customers looking for foods produced in their region have even been paying more to know where that food was grown
Nov. 1 2019
At World Dairy Expo, Chris Wolf, a professor in Agricultural Economics and Management at Cornell University, presented a seminar on the sometimes dreaded topic of dairy farm finances and decision making
Sept. 23 2019
Dairy markets keep showing signs of improvements; all the while, the rest of the economy shows enough worrying signs to get the Federal Reserve Bank to lower their interest rate for the second time in...
Sept. 19 2019
After 4-1/2 years of difficult milk prices, having an income that reaches over the edge of the cost of production (COP) means that there is finally some extra cash
Aug. 19 2019
Most American farmers have supported the federal administration’s strategy to renegotiate trade pacts to promote both fairer and freer trade
July 24 2019
A few months ago, I caught wind of a new group being formed — the California Cattle Council — and I was not amused
July 15 2019
Returns from making milk in the American Southwest have been tough to come by for dairy farmers
July 8 2019
Sign-up for the new Dairy Margin Coverage (DMC) program is well underway, and sign-ups have been steady since enrollment began on June 17