Nov. 22 2021
With livestock feed prices on the rise, many farmers will be looking for ways to reduce input costs
Nov. 18 2021
Return 42 cents per cow per day with an investment of only a little time and effort
Nov. 15 2021
The decline in U.S. fluid milk consumption is not a new topic. USDA’s Economic Research Service (ERS) reported last year that as of 2019, fluid beverage milk accounted for 21.7% of total
Nov. 10 2021
A feed and forage outlook for the year aheadMike Hutjens, University of Illinois, and Mike Rankin, Hay & Forage Grower magazinesponsored by Chr. Hansen Large regions of drought and exce
Sept. 23 2021
Farming can be a risky endeavor. There are many challenges that farmers face, ranging from short-term crises to long-term issues. Broadly speaking, they can be categorized into five major types
Aug. 27 2021
Milk varies by season in both content and quality. That premise will soon be detailed in a paper by Cory Freije, an agricultural economist with the Upper Midwest Federal Milk Marketing Order
Aug. 27 2021
Over the past three years, the USDA has issued a number of direct payments to dairy farmers to offset some of the impact of both trade wars and the pandemic
June 9 2021
The average cost to produce milk has climbed substantially so far this year. In our conversations, we have been hard-pressed to find anything — services or products — that are cheaper this...
April 14 2021
Agriculture, and dairy production in particular, can be a risky endeavor. There are many types of risks, and they can generally be put into one of five categories
April 12 2021
The discussion on the purpose and framework of FMMOs is at the heart of the issue with negative PPDs
April 12 2021
Although domestic milk supplies have been growing and keeping milk prices lower as we start 2021, international markets offer hope for higher prices as the year unfolds
April 5 2021
Recently, a reader who delved into my book Dairy Money Matters sent a thoughtful email on a number of questions related to both dairy farming and dairy processing
April 1 2021
If you’re involved with agriculture and have ever been on social media around the holidays, you may have seen one of those graphics that compare the consumer’s cost
April 1 2021
Geographical indicators (GIs) have held an increasingly important role at the trade talk table over the course of the last decade
March 18 2021
The dairy industry continues to walk a tightrope between dairy product demand and milk supplies.When supplies outpace dairy product demand, the industry experiences low milk prices
March 16 2021
Even in an upside-down year, dairy has remained essential
March 2 2021
How can we add stability into our milk production system?
Feb. 2 2021
There is no denying that dairy farming is a full-time job. Unfortunately, in this dairy economy, and really it seems for some time now, the key to survival is diversification
Jan. 13 2021
Maintaining adequate financial liquidity has become a greater issue for dairy producers in recent years because of the more intense volatility of both earnings and cash flow